My New Years Car Cover

January 8, 2011

Happy New Year, Many make resolutions to take care of themselves but we must also take care of our valuable possessions a time to vow to care for your vehicles with a car, truck or RV cover to protect your investment. Vehicles are expensive and worth caring for, promoting longevity and curb appeal. We spend valuable time washing and waxing, why not go the extra step and preserve that hard work by covering with a quality car cover of other vehicle cover.

There are car covers for every climate and parking area. Dust covers for indoor storage and 2,3, and 4 layer options for mild weather to heavy precipitation and or intense UV protection. You name it, there is a cover for you. They are also made for boats, ATV’s, motorcycles, golf carts, limousines, tent trailers, campers etc.

If you live in the Northeast or have heavy precipitation you would want to use a 2 or 3 layer anyway. Waterproof is important. Most will breathe as well, wicking away any moisture from condensation etc. If you are in a dryer more arid climate like the Southwest then a Tyvek may be the way to go for the best in UV with water resistance for the few times you’ll get rain. If you like to baby the finish they even make a fleece lined 4 layer cover.

Think of the mornings after it has snowed and your car is covered, what a drag, been there lol. If I used a cover, just pull it off shake it off and I’m on my way. No scraping required.
Here where I live in AZ its the dust from the road. I hate that fine layer that coats the finish so using a cover keeps that just washed condition longer.

Purchasing a cover could not be easier today with the Internet. Just do a search and you’ll find what you need. Watch for shipping costs, some sites are free. Also be sure to order the correct size from the get. Be smart and spend the time you will always save by finding the best deal and being prepared.

Regardless of your immediate circumstances there is a cover that can help. Why wouldn’t you want to protect your vehicles value. For more information regarding car covers or accessories visit today ! Thank you for your time.

Car Covers And the Holidays

November 27, 2010

The holidays are upon us and it is time to do some serious shopping. Everyone is out and about looking for gifts for their friends and family. There are lot’s of choices. With winter weather here, one idea that makes sense is a quality car cover or recreational vehicle cover.

Car covers keep the snow and ice from potentially damaging the finish of any vehicle. They also protect chrome and rubber trimmings. Another excellent benefit of using a car cover is the ease and convenience they provide. No more scraping windshields, removing snow or waiting for the ice to melt. If covered, just take it off, shake it off and you are on your way.

If you are covering an RV, boat, jet ski or other recreational vehicle for the season it will be ready to go come summer. If you or your family and friends store their vehicle outdoors this is a great way to say you care by giving them the gift of preservation for their toys. Those of us who have expensive toys such as a motor home, boat etc. know the importance of keeping them in great shape so that they will last. Covering a vehicle with a car cover or recreational vehicle cover is a great way to promote longevity.

They make covers to today for virtually every vehicle out there. Regardless of what you want to cover. Cars, trucks, SUV’s, RV’s, boats, jet ski’s, motorcycles, ATV’s even golf carts. There is a cover available regardless of where you live. Northwest, Southwest, rain, snow or ice. They even make a dust cover for indoor storage which will keep dust and debris from settling onto the finish.

To find the cover that fits your gif giving needs just shop the Internet, you will need to know the make and model or the size. Most sites will have a section to help you determine which cover to order. Some sites offer free shipping so be sure to shop around as some of these covers, especially the larger RV covers can be pretty costly to ship so it is worth finding a free shipping offer. It is also a good idea to review return policy’s.

Remember, the holidays are here and what better gift to give but a quality car cover or recreational vehicle cover. Dad would be thrilled ! For more information on car covers, RV covers and accessories please visit today.

Recreational Vehicle Covers, Now is the Time

October 31, 2010

I am sad to say it but summer is indeed over and fall is in full swing. Leaves are changing, the air is crisp and the promise of winter is in the air. The camping trips and boating outings are over, time to clean them up and store the RV’s and other recreational vehicles for the long months ahead.

First you will want to clean them well, inside and out and and drain any water tanks etc. to prevent lines from freezing and causing problems down the road. Then when they are are ready for storage you should cover them with a quality recreational vehicle cover. Using a cover will keep your vehicle clean and free of debris. Using an RV cover will also protect your vehicle from the suns UV rays as well as snow, ice, hail and simple things such as dust, bird droppings and tree sap. All of these things can cause damage if left unattended and let’s face it once your boat of RV is stored and out of sight, it will likely be out of mind too. Knowing it is covered will bring peace of mind. Just think of how thrilled you will be come spring when you uncover your boat, ATV, jet ski etc. only to reveal a clean and ready for fun vehicle underneath.

Now you know what you can do to protect your vehicle, you should know the best way to purchase an RV cover, boat cover, jet ski cover or even car cover. I recommend using the Internet as you will find exactly what you need for whichever vehicle you are looking to protect. Whether you have a 30 some odd foot motor home, a 5th wheel, pop up camper, boat, car, truck or even a golf cart, there is a cover available on the Internet.

Just do a search on Google, Bing etc. and you will have options. Do your homework and search for the best price. Some offer free shipping and handling, some do not so it is worth the effort as some of these covers can be quite heavy costing a pretty penny to ship. Also, be sure to check return policies as they may vary. You also need to ensure you order the correct size. This is important as most companies will not cover the cost of return shipping if you mistakenly order the wrong size. It will also save time, ensuring your vehicle is protected sooner.

Owning a recreational vehicle cover will pay itself off in the long run, it will give you peace of mind, a clean vehicle and also protect your vehicles value. For more information regarding RV covers, car covers, boat covers etc. please visit today.

Why Use a Car Cover

October 24, 2010

There are many products on the market today for your car or other vehicles, probably numbering in the thousands. Many are gizmo’s designed to make a buck and that is about it, others actually have a great purpose and should be seriously considered. Among this group of products would be the car cover. Car covers are intended to protect your car, truck, SUV, station wagon etc. from the elements.

Regardless of where you live or park, mother nature can be destructive to your vehicles finish and interior. Not only your primary mode of transportation but also your recreational vehicles such as RV’s, boats, jet skis, motorcycles etc. can benefit from a vehicle cover. They even make them for motorcycles, limousines and golf carts.

Mother nature can pack a punch, the most damaging would probably be the suns UV rays which can fade paint and interior surfaces as well as cause dry rot to any exposed rubber surfaces, even tires which coincidentally, they make covers for. There is also the matter of precipitation that can be a nuisance or actually cause damage. Simple rain can ruin a clean cars brilliant shine we work so hard to maintain whereas hail, snow and ice can actually harm the surface or just be a pain to remove. Flying debris brought down by wind can scratch and dent in the more intense storms. Why not protect your vehicles with a quality car cover. If covered, all of the above mentioned potential damage can be prevented and your vehicle will maintain it’s shine and brilliance as well as it’s value. If your vehicle looks its very best when it comes time to sell or trade, that can go a long way.

Most folks take care of the engine, maintaining with regular tunes ups and oil changes in order to ensure longevity and value, the look of a vehicle is equally important. Using a car cover will ensure your vehicle whether it is an RV, ATV, car or truck maintains it’s great look for years to come and consequently helping prolong it’s value.

Choosing the right car cover could not be easier in today’s world with the use of the Internet. You will need to do a little research to get the best price but as far as choosing the right cover, all the information is there at your fingertips. Where you live and park/store your vehicle can help you decide which cover will work best for you. If you park or store inside, a simple dust cover will suffice. If outdoors, a dust cover is only recommended for short term use. If you live where the sun shines more than the rain falls such as the Southwest, a cover made from Tyvek is best, it offers the most UV protection on the market and is also water resistant. If you live where there is more precipitation, a heavier duty waterproof cover is best. These covers provide the ultimate protection form precipitation and will allow any condensation that may form underneath to evaporate. They also make a 4 layer cover with fleece lining for the ultimate protection for your vehicles finish.

When you are ready to purchase just use one of the many search engines available today to start the process. Just plug in ‘truck cover’ for example and you will be off and running. Be sure to investigate the shipping and return policies as well as price. Some companies offer free shipping and some do not so it is worth it to spend a bit of time on this task. You also want to ensure your order the correct size as return shipping will typically be on you if you order incorrectly the first time around. Most sites will have a sizing section to help you determine this or they may even have the option of simply plugging in the make, year model etc. in order to determine the correct size for your vehicle.

Using a car or other vehicle cover is a smart decision that will pay itself off in the years to come with the protection it will provide so use a car cover today to ensure your vehicles shine and brilliance.

For more information on car covers and other vehicle covers and accessories please visit today.

Changing Seasons & Car Covers

October 14, 2010

The seasons are changing and the cold winter months lay ahead. For those of us who store our convertibles and recreational vehicles having a car cover to protect them is essential. Even every day use can warrant using a car cover. Here are a few reasons why.

If you live in the Northern states you know how the snow and ice can build on your vehicle. If you use a car, SUV, or truck cover you will not only protect the surface but also save time, just brush off the snow, take off the cover, shake it off and go. No more scraping ice or waiting a half our for it to melt off and no worries if you are storing your vehicle for the season such as that special convertible or vintage muscle car you yearned for all of your life and finally have or your RV, boat or motorcycle. Protecting it from the constant bombardment of mother nature is critical. Ice expands and contracts getting into the smallest of crevices potentially damaging chrome and fine detail work. Using a quality car or RV cover will protect your vehicle all season long until you are ready to get out and play once more.

For those of us who live in the Southern states, protection for the sun is important year round for everyday use or storage. The UV rays can be especially harsh in this region, fading the finish and interior surfaces which can lead to cracking and dry rot. You also have severe thunderstorms and the potential for hail. There was a storm just this past week in AZ in Phoenix that virtually destroyed the surface of an entire Mitsubishi car lot’s inventory. Broken windshields and dents covering the finishes bumper to bumper. I am sure it wasn’t the only dealership that had this problem, not to mention any car owners who happened to have their vehicles in that storms path.

Even a light dust cover is recommended for indoor storage. This will keep the fine clear coat free of dust, maintaining that shine we work so hard to achieve. There is a cover available for virtually any scenario and model whether you have a car, truck, SUV, boat, RV, motorcycle, limousine or golf cart, there is a cover for you. Why not protect your investment. Vehicles are not cheap in these hard times and we all work hard for what we have. Protecting our investments is important. Car covers can help keep your vehicles value on the high end, if it looks bad, it won’t sell for top dollar and you won’t get as much for trade in either.

To purchase a car cover or recreational vehicle cover I recommend buying on the Internet. The selection and prices will be the best here as well as the wealth of knowledge available at your fingertips is a valuable tool. Be sure to shop around for the best price and also be sure to check shipping and return policies before making your purchase.

For more information on car covers and accessories please visit

Outside Storage & Car Covers

October 2, 2010

Fall is here and those of us who have convertible cars, RV’s, boats, jet skis or motorcycles are likely parking them for the winter. The winter weather can really effect their condition. Outside storage can be your vehicles worst enemy. Protecting them is essential for maintaining condition and therefore value. The sun is bad enough during the summer but can still damage your vehicle by fading surfaces during the winter, especially if you live in the Southwest where UV rays can be quite intense any time of year. Snow and ice melting and refreezing, expanding and contracting can also cause damage. I recommend using a car cover. They make covers for RV’s, boats and motorcycles too. Just about any vehicle out there can be covered today, even golf carts.

Using a quality vehicle cover will maintain a clean surface without the worry of dust, debris, hail, ice, snow, bird droppings or tree sap. If covered, your RV or other vehicle will be protected from anything mother nature can throw at it. There are car covers for any environment, even for indoor storage to ensure a dust free surface. Tyvek covers are great for UV protection and are water resistant and two and three layer waterproof covers are great for any environment, especially the Northern hemisphere where Winters can be intense. There is even a fleece lined, four layer cover for the ultimate clear coat protection for those of us who really want to baby our vehicles. RV covers even offer zip panels so you can still get in and out of the vehicle should the need arise. If you have a large motor home, this is a real nice feature. Regardless of where you live or store your car or other vehicle a quality cover makes sense.

We spend time and money, a lot of it, maintaining and simply owning our cars, trucks, RV’s etc, why not protect our investments. The better we care for these ‘toys’ the longer they will last and the more value they will hold. Nobody wants to buy a car that has a faded finish. If it looks great, it will sell. Purchasing an RV cover, car cover etc. is easy. The Internet is the best way as you can find the perfect cover for you in a short amount of time. They are essentially at your fingertips. Just search out what you are looking for and go shopping. There are many sites today offering car covers, boat covers, motorcycle covers, even limousine covers. Some sites offer free shipping, others do not so shop around for the best deal.

You will also want to ensure you are ordering the correct size. This is something to pay attention to because you can’t just grab the receipt and drive somewhere to return it. Return shipping is usually not covered because you ordered the wrong size so it is well worth ensuring you order correctly the first go around. Most sites will have a section where you can get advice on determining the correct size, others have the option where you enter year, make, model etc. and the correct size will be provided for you. Purchasing a vehicle cover is so easy, so no excuses, shop on and protect your investments today.

For more information on car covers or recreational vehicle covers visit today.

The Importance of Using a Vehicle Cover

September 19, 2010

You have probably heard it before but I cannot stress enough how important it is to cover your vehicle with a quality vehicle cover. Whether you have a car, truck, SUV, station wagon, van, limousine or recreational vehicle it is essential that we protect our investment.

Vehicle covers are available for just about every make and model and can be custom made for those who have the unusual. There is no excuse. They even make them for golf carts and ATV’s. Sometimes you may use a cover designed for one type that will work for something completely different like the trolley car business in NH that my business partner recently sold two RV covers for and according to the client, they worked out great.

Why the need to protect and what from ? Well we all know how expensive cars have become, trucks and SUV’s too and also recreational toys. RV’s and boats are all quite expensive these days so we want them to look their best and last forever right ? Of course. One way to ensure their longevity is to cover them. They need protection for the environment. Rain, sleet, snow and especially the UV rays of the sun beating down on them day after day. The finish can fade, chrome trimmings can start to appear pitted and rubber can dry up and break down. Storms can bring winds which can mean debris and branches scratching the surface. Hail can cause dimpling. Simple stuff like tree sap and bird droppings can no only be unsightly but difficult to remove and the acidity can leave blemishes if left unattended. Even if you store your vehicles indoors it is a good idea to use a lightweight dust cover to keep the finish free of dust, eliminating any chance of scratching the clear coat.

There are choices today as well for purchasing a vehicle cover. There are the light weight dust covers mentioned previously as well as your heavier duty three and four layer covers. There is also a cover made from Tyvek a material made by Dupont that provides excellent UV protection and is water resistant. This one is a great choice for folks living in the Southwest where the rain is seldom and the sun is super strong. The three layer cover is great for all weather conditions as is the four layer which is considered the ultimate in protecting your vehicle it includes a fleece lining for babying the finish. All of these covers are breathable yet water resistant or waterproof as in the three and four layer covers. They allow condensation that may build underneath to wick away, leaving your car clean and dry. There are also custom covers with mirror pockets which are fine but a little bit more challenging to install and definitely more expensive. Either way any of these covers will protect your investment and with winter fast approaching and the RV’s and boats getting put up for the season this is a great time to cover your vehicle. If you have a cover over your car, truck or SUV and you wake up to snow and ice, guess who doesn’t have to scrape their windshield and get up early to do so ? just pull off the cover, shake it off and you are good to go.

When you are ready to purchase, use the Internet. You will have more options and more information at your fingertips. Watch for free shipping and be wary of return policies. Ensure you order the correct size and enjoy the peace of mind a vehicle cover can bring you.

For more information on vehicle covers and accessories please visit today.

Elin Ray
Editor and Product Specialist for Elite Car Covers Online

Vehicle Covers for the WInter Season

September 6, 2010

Once again the season is beginning to change, September is here already and I can feel the change beginning. The time to start thinking about the storage of our recreational vehicles such as our boats, RV’s, jet ski’s etc. is here. These vehicles aren’t cheap and therefore need to be protected. Using a quality vehicle cover will provide the protection against debris, snow, ice, wind and rain. Why not prolong your recreational vehicles great looks and value. It will extend the life of your vehicles surfaces and interiors as well as provide peace of mind.

Everyone knows they make car covers but some may not be aware that there are covers available for virtually any vehicle on the market today. Cars, trucks, SUV’s, vans, RV’s, truck camper shells, tent trailers, toy haulers, jet ski’s, boats, pontoons, motorcycles, ATV’s, limousines and even golf carts, there is a cover for everyone no matter what type of vehicle they wish to cover.

With the season changing and folks storing their campers, boats and what not it is crucial to cover them before the winter sett’s in. Especially if they are stored outside whether it is next to your house or garage or in a storage yard. Exterior surfaces can take a beating from rain , snow and ice as well as prolonged sun exposure which can break down rubber, tires especially and cause fading and damage of exterior paint and chrome surfaces.

If you store indoors, it is still a good idea to cover your vehicle to keep it dust free. When dust is removed it can cause tiny scratches which can affect your clear coat leaving a dullness to the surface. A cover would also protect against droppings of any kind, mice , birds etc. as well as creating a barrier between your vehicle and any foreign object like a trash can or someone leaning against the vehicle with jeans on that have rivets which can scratch.

Purchasing a cover for your RV, boat, jet ski etc. could not be easier. The Internet will provide you access to every size, type and color available today. Make sure you shop around as some sites do offer free shipping and handling which is a key factor, especially if you are covering an RV as these covers are large and consequently heavy, i.e. expensive to ship.

You will also want to be sure you are ordering the appropriate size as return shipping for ordering the wrong cover typically is not covered. Most sites have a sizing chart or section where you just plug in the make and model to get the correct size.

Don’t let mother natures cold hand of winter mess with your expensive recreational vehicles, protect them today with a quality vehicle cover, a small price to pay for protecting your large investment.

For more information on recreational vehicle covers please visit today.

Which Car Cover Works Best for You

August 29, 2010

Car covers are a great idea but there are so many to chose from. In this article I will help you decide which is best for your vehicle. Weather, where you park and your budget will be determining factors.

Some may ask why they need to cover their vehicle in the first place. Protecting your investment is need enough in my mind. Protecting it’s value for resale and trade in. If your car,truck,SUV,van etc looks bad, it will be harder to sell and you won’t get as much for it. The suns UV rays, stormy weather, bird droppings, tree sap and dust can all cause damage to the finish which will take away from the overall appearance of your vehicle. Your interior can also take a beating from the sun. Summer storms can cause damage with blowing debris, tree limbs etc. Hail can be a nightmare.

Another good reason to cover your vehicle is convenience. After spending time and or money to clean your car, covering will make it last longer. Dust and rain can mean all that hard work was in vain. If you use a car cover, that new washed shine will remain. Winter storms can leave snow and ice and a headache in the morning before work. If covered, just take it off and shake it off and you are ready to roll.

As far as which cover is best for your situation or geographical location, here is what I would recommend:

Indoor storage is fairly simple, all you really need is a dust cover to keep the surfaces free from dirt and dust. It is also a helpful protection against children and folks leaning up against the vehicle, trash cans etc. This one layer cover type is also cost effective and o.k. for light outdoor use.

If you live in the Southwest the sun can be really intense, the UV factor is much greater. For this region I would use a Tyvek cover. This material made by Dupont is the ultimate in UV protection. It is white and also offers water resistance making it an excellent choice where the sun is intense and rain is infrequent. This material is also used for HAZMAT suits to protect people from harmful situations where the immediate environment can be a problem.

If you live in the South in areas like Florida and Georgia for example a waterproof cover is a must. A two or three layer cover with waterproof treatment is best. This type of cover is also great for four season environments like those found in the Northern parts of of the us and Canada. These covers are breathable allowing condensation that can develop to wick away and evaporate, a great feature for areas of high humidity.

Then there is the ultimate in protection with the four layer fleece lined waterproof breathable cover. This cover is the best choice for areas with severe winters but works great regardless of where you live or store your vehicle. The fleece lining is best for protecting clear coat. It may be the most costly but does provide the best protection available today. Regardless of which cover you choose for your particular situation, the return is priceless. Protecting your investment is important, especially in today’s economy.

Purchasing on the Internet is the most convenient and offers the best selection and competitive pricing. Be sure to shop around as some sites offer free shipping and some do not. You will also want to ensure that you are ordering the correct size the first time around as most sites will not cover return shipping if you order an incorrect size, an error that will effect your bottom line cost. Follow the sizing instructions carefully and you should not have any issues.

Purchasing the right cover for your vehicle is a wise choice in today’s economy, one you will be glad you made. The protection it provides will ensure your vehicle looks great for years.

For more information on vehicle covers and accessories visit today.

Car Covers for the Seasons

August 22, 2010

Another Summer is winding down and the changing leaves are on their way. Protecting your vehicles is important regardless of the time of year. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, limousines, SUVs, RVs, boats and other recreational vehicles would be best protected with a quality vehicle cover. Summer commands protection from the dangerous UV rays, stormy weather can be a concern any time of year. Winter brings snow and ice in the Northern hemisphere and rain in the South. If you live in the higher elevations of the Southwest, you will also experience the snow and ice mother winter can bring.

In today’s economy we all want our possession’s to last, especially the big ticket items like our cars etc. When it comes time to trade them in or sell them outright your success largely depends first on how they look. If the paint is faded and or scratched, many will be turned off and will continue their search elsewhere. Like it or not how your vehicle presents itself can go a long way when it comes time to sell or trade. Using a car cover, boat cover, RV cover etc will ensure your vehicle looks it’s best when that time comes not to mention make you happy along the way.

If you are like me, you take pride in your vehicle and wash and wax when needed to keep that finish looking bright and new. I can’t tell you how many times I worked hard getting my car clean only to have a small shower or rain storm during the night defeat my entire purpose leaving rain spots all over the finish. Had I protected at that time with a car cover like I do now, there would have been no problem. Now I know better. Even though I park in a carport, I still cover my Jeep, dust seems to find it’s way everywhere and if the wind is kicking, well the rain can blow in too. The cover also prevents dings and scratches that can be caused by passers by, debris etc. It’s so nice getting into a clean vehicle every day. Covering your vehicle also keeps the interior temperatures down. If you live in the Southwest, you know how hot it can get inside. That kind of heat from sun exposure can fade your upholstery or leather for that matter and take a toll on the dash and any personal belongings like Cd’s or DVDs that you may have stored inside.

Purchasing a car cover or recreational vehicle cover could not be easier today. The Internet offers a ton of options. Just be sure to shop around when you are ready to make your purchase. Check out the shipping policies and return guidelines. Also, ensure you are ordering the correct size the first time around, this will save you $ in the long run as most companies will not pay return shipping if you ordered the wrong size and if you are covering a larger vehicle, RV etc, this could get pricey.

For more information on car covers and accessories visit today !